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What are we doing to help the environment?


We limit the amount of water we use and only use what is necessary to clean your vehicle thoroughly and safely.

Product Research

We are constantly on the lookout for the latest products and aim to switch all of the main products that we use to 100% bio-degradable (where possible) by 2018, dramatically reducing our impact on the environment.


Our on-board bins are emptied daily with recycling being sorted into the appropriate recycling bins.

Product Use

We ensure each product is mixed to the current ratio for the job in hand, ensuring safe cleaning of that specific
vehicle and reducing waste.

Used Water

When washing vehicles we ensure waste water never enters the surface water drainage systems. We do this by ensuring the vehicle being cleaned is not directly above a drain or in-line for any run off water to travel directly into one.


in digital form During our 'office time' at Swoosh, we each limit the amount we print, and keep our invoices and receipts ever possible.

We are Environmentally Friendly