Interior Deep Clean With Steam

Our full Interior Steam Deep Cleaning service covers every area of the car interior from the roof lining, down to the carpets using our bio-safe cleansing solution to ensure hygienic cleansing. We can also cleanse the car’s ventilation and air conditioning system which maybe causing an unpleasant odour due to bacterial growth deep in the system . We recommend a full interior Steam Deep Clean.

Interior Deep Clean With Steam From


Carpets & seats vacuumed✔

Foam applied to seats & carpets✔

Floor mats cleaned✔

Headlining vacuumed & cleaned✔

Vinyl & plastics cleaned & treated✔

Upholstery cleaned to remove stains using karcher steam technology✔

Carpets shampoo cleaned using wet vac✔

Interior glass polished✔

Vacuum and shampoo boot carpet and surrounding areas✔

Air vents cleaned & steamed✔

Sun Visors Steamed✔

Drinks Holders cleaned✔

Small Car £49.00 Medium Car £69.00 Large Car £79.00 4X4 £89.00