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Bring your fabric roof back to life. It is important to get this done right. Swoosh Car Valeting have knowledge and experience in cleaning and sealing soft top roofs.

KubeBond FabricShield provides a strong, reliable coating for all absorbent surfaces like​ convertible roofs.

We carefully deep clean and weather-proof your roof with a premium water-repellent coating to protect it against soiling in the future and keep its colour bright.

We gently vacuum the loose debris, then your soft top roof is treated with a premium fabric cleaner designed to break down organic soiling including algae and dirt, causing the brown or green discolouring.

The coating dramatically reduces the surface energy of textile, so that when liquids come into contact with it, they form beads and simply roll off.

Kubebond FabricShield keep surfaces like soft top fabric roofs free of water, dust and other liquids without affecting its look or feel.